Artificial intelligence will follow the journey of the embryo

26-year-old Dr. Tahir Koray Yozgatlı undertook the project that increased the chances of success in IVF treatment. The right embryo will be selected by artificial intelligence. This will increase the chance of success to 95 percent.

Dr. Tahir Koray Yozgatlı is 26 years old. He and his team signed off on a major project that increased the chances of success in IVF treatment for couples who yearn to become parents. So much so that in future in vitro fertilization treatments, the right embryo will be selected with artificial intelligence. This will increase the chance of success in IVF to 95 percent. Among the attendees of the Hello Tomorrow Summit, Dr. Tahir Koray Yozgatlı and his team were also present. The summit was full of inventions that did not look like science-fiction movies. There were 6 Turkish companies among the 77 entrepreneurial companies participating in the summit from around the world. Turkish geniuses who will change the new world with artificial intelligence surprised the world. Yozgatlı graduated from Robert College. He graduated from Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine last year. At the same time, she completed the Psychology and Molecular Biology & Genetics minor branches at the university. Currently, he continues his studies at the research and development company Auctifera Scientific, which he founded with various supports from TUBITAK and KOSGEB, and he continues his Specialization Training in Medicine at Acıbadem hospitals. Yozgatlı, Gynecology and Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Ercan Baştu and working in the field of artificial intelligence Dr. Founded by Murat Gezer, the initiative aims to carry out the process of choosing the right embryo with microscopic images through artificial intelligence. There are 148 IVF centers in Turkey, 480 in the USA and 1343 in Europe. Yozgatlı said, “Our goal is to make this technology accessible not only in our country but also in the world. The main purpose of evaluating the embryo quality in the IVF process with image processing and deep learning is to make a subjective evaluation made by people watching microscopic images objective and automated using neutral technologies, and to reduce eye fatigue and distraction. to eliminate errors caused by factors such as “he said.



Dr. Yozgatlı explains how artificial intelligence shortens the right embryo selection process and increases the chance of success as follows:

  • We taught the algorithms by using thousands of embryo images in our hands to evaluate the morpholokinetic embryo, which embryologists and obstetricians working on in vitro fertilization performed visually by looking at microscopic images. After taking the embryo images from the microscope, we pass them through certain preprocessing. We can then evaluate and classify embryos using 11 different CNN (convolutional neural network) algorithms, an artificial intelligence using computer vision, and select the one with the highest potential for success for pregnancy and delivery. We achieved accuracy rates of over 95 percent.
  • There has not yet been a baby born from an embryo selected and transferred with the help of our algorithm. We are currently working on compiling the results of our studies and completing our publications scientifically. If the necessary permissions and certificates are completed, we continue our preparations for the future studies that will be carried out by obtaining informed consent from the prospective parents.

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