Disadvantages Should Be Considered in IVF Treatment!

It is clear that IVF treatment has dozens of good aspects.

But we are against presenting this treatment to our patients as a miracle cure. The truth is that an IVF cycle can fail, even if we try our best. The success of this procedure is not guaranteed and patients often have to go through more than one treatment cycle before it is successful.

This naturally varies from woman to woman. This is how expertise in IVF treatment makes a difference. The fact that the physician you consult is a good obstetrician, not just an IVF doctor, provides a higher probability of success on a personalized basis.

It’s important to be realistic, but also positive about the chances of success.

In addition, there may be side effects and risks associated with IVF treatment.

As a medical treatment, IVF is very unlikely to develop side effects. The most severe of these is “ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS)”.

“Multiple pregnancy can be seen as a disadvantage”

Multiple pregnancy can also be seen as a disadvantage of IVF treatment.

In vitro fertilization treatments usually use more than one embryo placed back in the uterus to increase the chance of pregnancy, resulting in a higher probability of multiple pregnancy. Approximately 20-30% of IVF pregnancies can result in multiple pregnancies.

Multiple pregnancies carry associated health risks for mother and baby: multiple pregnancies increase the likelihood of preterm birth, miscarriage, need for cesarean section, stillbirth, and infant health problems.

It is important that all fertility clinics have robust single embryo transfer policies to avoid the risks of multiple pregnancy.

Especially the fallopian tubes are damaged by IVF treatment. In women, the risk of ectopic pregnancy doubles to 1-3%.

On the other hand, there is evidence that the high estrogen levels associated with IVF may increase the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight in infants.

It is important to give high stimulation during IVF.

There is increasing evidence that it increases the chance of being born with a lower birth weight. This has been associated with long-term health problems for the child.

The theory is that high estrogen levels can affect the intrauterine environment. It has been observed that babies born with drug-free and low-medication approaches are more likely to be born on time and with a higher birth weight than those born with high-stimulation IVF treatment associated with high estrogen levels.

This is one of the reasons why we stick to natural and mild IVF treatment, as we believe that the success of treatment is not just a live birth, but a healthy full-term live birth.

“It can be challenging for his mental state”

The situation that we can count among the disadvantages of IVF treatment is that it is especially challenging for the mental state of the woman.

IVF treatment can take an emotional/psychological toll. Going through IVF treatment is a highly emotional and stressful experience.

Treatment can be physically and emotionally demanding. It can also be difficult for partners to watch their loved one go through a stressful experience.

It is important to prioritize your psychological health in IVF treatment. And this is also good for body health.

Our short, low-drug protocols will help minimize the amount of stress.

In IVF Treatment, some of our patients may be concerned about ethical issues.

Not everyone may like the idea of choosing some embryos and potentially discarding others.

Before starting treatment, you should consider your own posture and what you will be comfortable with.

If you are uncomfortable with multiple embryos being created, you can preserve the other resulting eggs by freezing them rather than fertilizing them to create embryos.


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