Embryo Donation After IVF Treatment

IVF treatment has been helping couples who have had a hard time conceiving a baby for years.

Thanks to this treatment, women who cannot get pregnant by normal means can experience the excitement of pregnancy and becoming a mother. However, some women cannot produce the eggs necessary to become a mother due to both hereditary and subsequent reasons. In this case, treatment methods such as egg donation and embryo donation allow these women to experience the feeling of motherhood.

What Happens to Excess Embryos Produced After IVF?

Thanks to the new technologies and methods used in the medical world, it is possible to produce more than one embryo during IVF treatment. Couples have several options for embryos left behind after embryo transfer. These options can be listed as follows:

  • Excess embryos can be discarded after IVF treatment.
  • Excess embryos can be frozen after IVF treatment.
  • After IVF treatment, excess embryos can be donated to science.
  • After IVF treatment, excess embryos can be donated to another couple or woman.

Women undergoing treatment can choose one of these four methods and decide what will happen to their embryos that are not transferred. Making the decision to donate embryos allows women or couples who do not have children to have a chance to have children.

How is Embryo Donation Decision Made?

Deciding for embryo donation can be a challenging process. In this case, the couple undergoing IVF treatment may need to answer various questions and make decisions based on these answers. Some questions that couples undergoing IVF treatment should answer before making a donation decision are as follows:

  • What does it feel like to have a child who biologically belongs to that couple raised by another family?
  • Is it necessary to have information about the donated family and to see how the child grows up?
  • Is it appropriate to leave the unborn child in such a state?
  • How will the child feel if he learns about this situation in the following years?

Answering such questions can help make a donation decision after IVF treatment.

How is Embryo Donation Performed?

Embryo donation provides a glimmer of hope for couples who cannot have a baby. For donation, first of all, a couple must undergo IVF treatment. Embryos to be donated are embryos produced by type infant therapy. These embryos can be donated and transferred to women who want to become pregnant but are unable to produce eggs themselves.


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