Excess weight makes it harder to get pregnant

“Obesity, which is one of the biggest health problems of recent years, is one of the important causes of infertility as it causes hormonal imbalance and some irregularities in both men and women,” said Gynecology Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Elçim Bayrak talked about the effects of being overweight on infertility. As a result of research conducted in various universities, it has been revealed that 45% of women and 25% of men in our country have infertility problems due to their excess weight. Obesity is becoming a big problem for individuals who want to have children.

It Disrupts Hormone Balance!

Saying that obesity in men and women negatively affects the hormone balance that governs the reproductive system, it causes infertility. Dr. Elçim Bayrak continues: “Overweight, that is, obesity, affects the proper functioning of the estrogen hormone, also known as the female hormone, and directly causes problems in egg production. Women’s metabolism is adversely affected by excess weight, and menstrual irregularities appear first. Menstrual irregularities are considered as a symptom of ovulation problem and therefore it becomes very difficult to get pregnant. Not only in women but also in men, obesity negatively affects the effect of the male hormone testosterone, negatively affecting the production of quality sperm and causing male infertility. said. Couples who have to struggle with excess weight also have to deal with the problem of infertility as well as these problems.

Does Excess Weight Affect IVF Treatment?

Stating that if parents candidates who have infertility problems due to their excess weight apply for IVF treatment, the first approach is to lose weight under the control of a dietitian. Dr. Elçim Bayrak said that being overweight reduces the chance of success in IVF treatment and continued as follows: “In about 10% of couples who apply to have children, if they lose weight, they can get pregnant without the need for treatment. In vitro fertilization treatments of overweight women take a little longer than women with normal weight measurements. It is very important to adopt a lifestyle based on healthy and regular nutrition in order to increase the chance of getting pregnant both with normal methods and with IVF treatment. In addition, maintaining the ideal weight helps to prevent other diseases.


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