There are so many myths and misconceptions about fertility, which can cause unnecessary stress when you’re trying to get pregnant.

Myth: The pill can cause infertility

The most common misconception about fertility is that the contraceptive pill, and how long you stay on it, can impact your chances of getting pregnant in the future.

There’s been much research as to whether the contraceptive pill causes infertility, and the overwhelming scientific conclusion is that it doesn’t have any long-term effect on fertility.

However, its worth noting it can take some time for the menstrual cycle to return to normal after coming off the pill, so some women may experience a temporary delay in conception.

Myth: Age only affects female fertility

The effects of age on female fertility have been well documented, but there’s been much less conversation around the effects of the ageing process on male fertility.

It’s possible for a man to father a child at any age, however the likelihood of successful conception does decline as men age.

Studies have shown sperm concentration and the proportion of sperm of normal morphology decline after the age of 40 – making it more difficult to conceive.

Myth: You should have sex everyday when trying to conceive

If you’re trying for a baby with your partner, you may think you need to have sex everyday to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

However, doctors actually recommend having sex every two days when trying to conceive, particularly when ovulating (usually 12-16 days before your period starts).

Having sex everyday can mean there are less sperm in the ejaculate.

Having sex every two days gives the man the best chance of producing semen with the optimum amount of sperm.

Myth: Lying flat after sex helps with conception

Another common misconception surrounding fertility is that lying flat after sex helps with conception.

While the concept of it does make sense, as women have long believed lying flat helps sperm find its way to an egg – its actually a complete myth.

Despite popular belief, there is no evidence to suggest that lying flat after sex will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

So if you want to lie in bed after having sex with your partner, go for it. Just know it probably won’t increase your odds of having a baby.

Myth: Fertility is a woman’s issue

People often tend to be more concerned about female fertility than male fertility.

However, research has shown that in cases where a heterosexual couple struggle to conceive, male factor infertility is responsible 30% of the time.

While men do generate new sperm on a regular basis, their sperm quality does decline with age.

Female factor infertility accounts for a further 30% of infertility cases, and a combination of male and female factors, as well as unknown factors, causes the remaining 40%.

by Kendra Becker


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