How is Egg Collection Processed? Is There Any Pain After Egg Collection?

As it is known, female ovaries are kept in the body. In order to collect the eggs, the following methods are applied step by step;

  • Egg collection process begins by entering through the vagina together with vaginal ultrasonography. The ovarian sac is reached with the help of a needle and the fluids in it are collected.
  • The ovaries are reached with the help of a permeable needle through the guide on the ultrasound.
  • The contents of the follicles are transferred to a sterile tube heated by an aspirator.
  • The tube is taken to the laboratory as soon as possible. Here, the presence of eggs is examined in detail under the microscope.
  • Sometimes, eggs may not come out of all follicles. In this case, the inside of the follicle is washed with a special liquid, and the egg, which is likely to remain, is tried to be reached.
  • Fertilization process takes place in mature eggs. Egg collection is an operation that takes a maximum of half an hour. People can rest for a few hours after the procedure and then return to their daily life.

Is There Any Pain After Egg Collection Procedure?

Egg retrieval is unfortunately a painful procedure. Therefore, if there is no situation that may prevent people from receiving anesthesia, anesthesia can be applied. With the help of drugs given intravenously, sleep is achieved, this is called sedation anesthesia. The procedure can also be performed with regional numbing. In order to minimize the feeling of pain after egg collection, people can leave the procedure as painlessly as possible by using the painkillers given by their doctor.

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