How Should Weight Gain During Pregnancy Be?

The weight gain of each expectant mother during pregnancy may vary from person to person.

The pre-pregnancy weight gain status of the expectant mother within the scope of pregnancy is also an important factor.

We can say that the weight of the expectant mother with a healthy body is 15, while the expectant mother with a fat structure can gain 5 kilos and give birth to a healthy baby. On the contrary, in cases of gas and weight gain, which is above normal, the calorie intake that food will provide excessively and the salt formed in the body are indicated by keeping water.

What To Do To Avoid Weight Gain During Pregnancy According To Experts

Avoid white bread and white pasta and start consuming bread classified as whole wheat and whole wheat pasta.

Use less oil in the salads that you will prepare for yourself, however, instead of potatoes and hamburgers, consume kidney beans, beans or optionally chickpeas.

Since sweets contain excessive sugar, they can harm your baby, instead, you can pay attention to your health by consuming sliced fruits.

Keep your baby’s health at the forefront by choosing fruit juices with high calcium content, no added sweeteners and enriched with other nutrients.

Opt for low-fat dairy products such as skim yogurt, milk or low-fat cheeses.

Avoid and never consume all foods included in the junk-food class, such as candy, cake, chips and cookies.

Avoid putting too much oil in all the meals you will consume.

Consume soups, vegetables, salads and other useful dishes from these restaurants by choosing those that serve home. Avoid fast food as much as possible.

You will benefit greatly from choosing grilled, oven or boiled low-fat dishes.

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