For a healthy embryo and pregnancy to occur, both the egg and the sperm must be healthy. For healthy sperm selection, sperms are enlarged and examined under a microscope, but the sperm is the smallest cell of the human body, even if it is examined in general, the chance of examining the details of the sperm is very low. . In microinjection procedures applied until now, the living sperm cell could be enlarged up to 400 times. Therefore, only the general shape of the sperm can be examined with this magnification. With this new technique called IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morpholgically Selected Sperm Injection), which has been applied recently; By using special microscopes equipped with advanced technology, it is possible to enlarge the sperm between 6000 and 8000 times, to examine and detect the intracellular structures and disorders called “vacuoles” that show genetic damage in detail. While choosing this single sperm to be injected by applying the IMSI method routinely at Doğuş IVF Center, we choose the healthiest, most accurate shape and the most mobile.

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