Infertility in Women

Infertility is defined as the absence of pregnancy within a year despite having regular intercourse. Infertility in women is a condition in which the ability to conceive and reproduce is impaired or limited. Infertility is a health problem seen in an average of twenty-five percent of couples. Increasing age, especially in women, prevents having children. For this reason, it is recommended that couples over the age of 35 consult a doctor in cases where pregnancy does not occur despite regular sexual intercourse.

What Are the Symptoms of Infertility in Women?
Infertility symptoms in women sometimes do not show any symptoms, and many women may realize that they have infertility symptoms.
The first of these is menstrual irregularities and ovulation irregularities that occur at this point.
In general, the symptoms of infertility in women are as follows;

  • Severe menstrual pain and heavy bleeding
  • Milk formation in the breasts against not being pregnant
  • Absence or sudden cessation of menstruation
  • Excess weight or weakness
  • Excessive hair growth and acne problems caused by hormonal disorders

Infertility Treatment in Women
In the treatment of infertility, it is aimed for people to have a baby. For this purpose, fertility tests are performed and the causes that prevent baby formation are diagnosed and treatment is applied. Testing begins with a physical examination, including a medical history as well as a pelvic exam. Your doctor wants to know about your ovulation periods. A number of tests are done to measure hormone levels. The uterus and ovaries are examined with ultrasound, and the uterus and fallopian tubes are examined with the help of an X-ray test. The most important known causes of infertility in women are ovulation problems and obstruction of the fallopian tubes. However, some women’s test results are clear and the cause is unknown.

In the treatment of female infertility, certain medications and hormones may be given to normalize hormone levels. If the cause of fertility is blocked fallopian tubes, surgical operations are the preferred operation to remove the obstructions in the tubes. IVF treatment is a form of treatment offered mostly for women whose two tubes are blocked. This treatment method is a method frequently used by couples who cannot have children due to various reasons.

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