Infertility treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic

ISCARE Clinical Center says COVID 19 does not prevent IVF treatment

Dear patients, dear patients,

We assure you that there is no need to worry and delay treatment, because even during the COVID-19 pandemic, infertility treatment is safe. We recommend that you do not delay the treatment, even according to the statements of professional companies in the Czech Republic, EU and USA. At ISCARE Clinical Center we provide you with the best possible treatment and safe healthcare and follow the recommendations of the professional companies SAR ČGPS, ESHRE and ASRM. The possibility of infertility treatment in KCI is in no way limited by current government measures, only compliance with current government regulations is required.

If you are traveling to us from another county, you no longer need a form confirming treatment at our facility. Inter-district transit allowed by the government on April 12, 2021

. We have implemented a number of measures for your safety:
We offer online initial consultation via skype or phone, from the comfort of your home
The entry requirement to the ISCARE Clinical Center building is an FFP2 / KN95 respirator that closes the mouth and nose.
Admission to the clinic includes checking the health status of all patients – body temperatures of all patients and visitors will be measured at the main reception, those above 37.0°C will be measured repeatedly at 15-minute intervals. If the temperature limit of 37.0 °C is repeatedly exceeded or there is a visible positive sign of COVID-19, entry will not be allowed.

To enter the ISCARE Clinical Center you must complete a questionnaire at the main reception – Declaration of the person entering KCI in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic

It is not possible to allow entry into the building and treat it as a standard, with patients and their companions with symptoms of respiratory illness or with ordered quarantine

The front of the reception at the entrance and also the reception in the wards are equipped with stands with disinfection, we ask all patients and visitors to use and use disinfection. Disinfection is available at the reception of the Center for Reproductive Medicine.
To reduce risk, patients are only allowed to be accompanied by one person

For the safety of our staff and our patients, ISCARE clinic staff are vaccinated, the use of standard respirators and strict adherence to the highest hygiene standards.

If you feel unwell, you are sick, please do not go to the clinic, contact us by phone! We will offer you an online consultation and together we will find a solution for the next step. Thank you for helping us minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19.
If you are feeling healthy and about to undergo infertility treatment, do not worry and put off your dream of family. We guarantee that the treatment is completely safe. We are waiting for you.

Reproductive Medicine Center KCI team

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