IVF treatment, is it a last resort.

The need for IVF treatment varies according to the patient. The answer to the question of when to start IVF treatment should be evaluated and decided according to the condition of the patient or couple applying to the clinic for the purpose of having a child. Since success in treatment is directly proportional to the age of the woman, it is the first option that a 38 or 40-year-old patient can consider.

When this age group is considered, the time they will wait is seen as a waste of time. Maybe after a few years, they may completely lose their ability to have children. When the male is considered, if the sperm count is too low or if there is no sperm in the semen, sperm is taken from the ovaries (testis). When a solution is not reached with medical treatments, surgical intervention can be applied. In such a case, in vitro fertilization is the first treatment option.

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