Pregnancy Advice: Diet Plan And Health Tips Post IVF Procedure

To become a mother is said to be the superpower of a woman. Being able to welcome a new life by carrying it in your womb is a special experience that some women cannot witness. An unhealthy lifestyle like eating junk, stress, pollution, etc. are some of the hindrances in conceiving. Thanks to the advancement of science, becoming a mother has become possible for every woman through the IVF procedure.


However, IVF being an artificial process requires a lot of caution, especially as far as diet is concerned. Let us see what the ideal diet for pregnant women is after an IVF procedure.

Morning Diet

Breakfast is the most important meal. Have a wholesome meal with healthy options like oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

Mid-morning diet

Eating at regular intervals is important for a pregnant woman. So, till you have some time left for lunch, have a mid-morning snack. You can have a smoothie with berries, spinach, wheat germ, kale, nuts, yoghurt, or low-fat milk.


Have a healthy lunch that includes whole grains, fresh veggies, and lean protein. You should eat chapatis, vegetables, curd, and salad. If you don’t like eating heavy lunch, you can mix all grains with healthy green vegetables and eat it like a salad.

Afternoon snack

After your lunch, you can eat some fresh fruits. You can also add grains and seeds with them if you feel hungry.


Dinner should not be very heavy. Eat brown rice or any entire wheat grain of your choice. have sauteed vegetables on the sides to make it taste good.



Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster ride, and especially if it is an IVF procedure, a woman might have to undergo more mood swings and issues. So, keep your calm and try the following tips to make this a smooth journey:

Meditate and do yoga regularly

Meditation and yoga are very important parts of a healthy lifestyle. So, have meditation and yoga exercises as a part of your routine to have a healthy pregnancy. Try light asanas, try breathing exercises, and relax.
Walk after eating to digest your food properly

Sitting on your sofa or lying down right after eating your food is not good at all. After eating, you should walk for a bit to digest the food properly. This is an important thing after dinner. You can also start morning walks as they give you a good start to the day and help you achieve the right amount of physical activity needed.

Do not take the stress

Stress is your biggest enemy. Try meditation, listen to your favourite music, watch something fun, indulge in reading. Do anything that can help you relax and avoid stress of any kind.

Eat well and at regular intervals

Having a good diet and eating at regular intervals is very important in pregnancy. So, follow the diet plan given in this article.

Stay positive

Surrounding yourself with positivity will have a good impact on you and your baby. So, say bye to negativity and just keep the surroundings light and happy.

Medication is important

Do not skip any medicines given by your doctor. Take medicines as guided.
Include folic acid in daily life

Adding folic acid supplementation to your diet is important. It reduces the risk of neuro-tube defects, heart defects, and cleft palate. But, the quantity should be decided by your doctor.

by Dr Nishi Singh

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