Pros & Cons Of Donating Your Eggs

Eggs are vital for fertility and conception, and there may be women out there who are thinking of donating their eggs.

The medical world really is amazing, and there are so many opportunities now for everyone. Life expectancy has gone up thanks to medical advancements and interventions, and life can even start due to these advancements. There are a lot of women out there who struggle to get pregnant, and they face fertility treatments, months and years of struggle, and a potential day when they are told that this will never be an option for them. There are also women who either don’t want children or who have no problem having children and they may want to help these women.

Eggs are vital for fertility and conception, and there may be women out there who are thinking of donating their eggs so that other families can start their families. This is a big decision for anyone to make, and it is important that everyone makes an informed choice on egg donation. That is why it is good to know the pros and cons of donating eggs so that everyone can make the right decision for them.

Why Do Women Need Eggs Donated?

Let’s start with exploring why someone would need to have eggs donated to them, there are multiple reasons and all of them are very valid. According to Reproductive Facts, there are many reasons why a woman would need eggs donated to them. Some women are born without ovaries, went into early menopause, or just have poor egg count and quality. Women may also choose to use a donor if they are a genetic carrier to illnesses and diseases that they do not want to pass on to their children. Using donated eggs, even if the woman’s body carries the baby, it is not genetically hers.

The Pros Of Donating Your Eggs

Listing out the pros and cons is something a lot of people do when they are about to make a large decision. It can help them see it all laid out before making the final call. According to Family Tree Surrogacy Center, there are a lot of pros to donating eggs to someone. The most obvious pro is that it can help a couple start their family. You are giving someone the ability to have a child, and this can be seen as the best git ever.

Women who decide to donate their eggs have to go through a series of tests before being allowed to donate. This can be seen as a pro since the woman donating the eggs, is going to get a lot of insight and information on her health in the process. While no woman would admit that they do this for financial reasons, there is compensation for the woman who is donating the eggs, and while it may seem selfish to even think about it, financial compensation and security are definitely a pro.

The Cons Of Donating Your Eggs

Now to look at the opposite side of the coin, and to list out the cons of donating eggs. The biggest con is that it can be a stressful experience for the women donating eggs. Like we mentioned earlier, women who wish to donate their eggs have to be screened, and this can take a lot of time. Another risk is that there can be permanent changes to the ovulation cycle of the woman who is donating, and some women may experience early onset of menopause.

It also could cause pregnancy for the donor, and this may not be intended. Donating eggs requires a donor to be on fertility medication to help stimulate egg growth and this could cause them to fall pregnant themselves. This can be a problem for women who are donating eggs because they don’t ever want children, or they are done having children and it is something that they should be aware of.

The process is anonymous. Though it is thought to be in everyone’s interest that it remains anonymous, future questions by the child may arise. Sometimes the donor or even the couple wanting the child may later on want the donor to be part of the child’s life.

What To Think About

Egg donation seems like such a sweet, kind, and compassionate thing to do, but it is a very serious medical procedure that needs to be thought about. According to Best Care, there is a lot for a woman to think about before donating their eggs and one last point is to make sure they can emotionally handle the fact that they will likely have no relationship or tie to the future baby they help make. The baby may be partly genetically theirs, but a woman needs to be prepared with being OK with having a baby who is genetically theirs walking around, and having no emotional attachment to it. These are all very important things to think about, and women are encouraged to speak to medical professionals before making any kind of decision on egg donation.

by Ashley Wehrli

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