Roadblocks that hinder couples to opt for IVF

IVF treatment is an advanced method and a blessing in disguise for couples who have been facing infertility for years. Now it is getting more common than in earlier times. But still, it is a scary and doubtful treatment for many infertile couples.

IVF is an assisted technology that assists couples in egg fertilization, which happens outside the body (in vitro), and the rest of the procedure of conceiving happens inside the womb or uterus in the same way that it happens in a natural pregnancy. Still, certain roadblocks stop couples from opting for IVF treatment. These are as follows:

Fear of abnormality

In India, most couples think that babies born with the help of IVF treatment are usually abnormal or born with some genetic defect. But now, due to increasing popularity and awareness, people are becoming more aware that no such abnormality arises in the fetus from the IVF procedure. And the chances of abnormality are almost the same as in natural conception.

Decision dependency

In many Indian families, choices concerning what treatment to take are as yet taken by elderly people rather than the actual couple. Numerous more conservative extended family members are actually involved in decision making.

Concern related to hormonal therapy

Another concern is the medication given during the IVF treatment. Women are scared of hormonal medications and their unfavorable impacts on health and weight. They are unaware that hormonal medications are as similar as the natural ones that the body creates typically and that these get metabolized. Some people also think that such hormonal injections during IVF may cause malignant ovarian tumors. However, it has also been proven wrong by many clinical studies, but people still have misconceptions regarding IVF treatment.

Doubts on treatment success

Some people also doubt the success of the treatment. They fear that IVF is just a waste of money and time; eventually, it fails and doesn’t give any results. That’s why, for some couples, IVF infertility treatment has become the last option.

Preferring conventional methods

Numerous infertile couples keep on deceiving themselves that infertility is a minor issue that is not difficult to settle. And that can be overcome with certain traditional medications. They think their infertility problem doesn’t need proper medical intervention unless they haven’t gotten genuine advice from a well-experienced and educated gynecologist. Hence, they don’t bother to think about IVF treatment.

Treatment uncertainty and anxiety

For other people, the pressure associated with going through an IVF cycle is a significant hindrance. Apart from that, coping with the uncertainty and anxiety of IVF treatment is another major concern among people because IVF treatment is just like a roller coaster ride for them. Hence, all these things make couples more vulnerable and hostile towards IVF infertility treatment. They are inclined toward keeping it as a “hold” choice.

IVF treatment cost

The cost of IVF treatment is a major hurdle for a large percentage of couples. For some middle or average-class people, it is beyond their reach to opt for IVF. And also, there is no surety of success in the 1st cycle of IVF, in case of IVF failure in the first attempt, so financially, this becomes more burdening and stressful for such people. Due to financial issues, they are not able to undertake IVF and prefer to seek cheaper and less effective treatments.

Misconception related to test tube

The greatest misconception encompassing IVF is the normal insight that the kid conceived out of this cycle will not belong to them; it will belong to someone else because it is test tube born.

The blame for not being able to bear a child falls only on the ladies. They get abused physically and mentally because of their inability to get pregnant whereas males are hesitant to visit fertility clinics for fear of being labelled infertile. Usually, such a situation happens with infertile couples. This is another major roadblock in the way of infertility treatments including IVF.

However, IVF, despite all the above reasons and misconceptions, might be a more practical choice. While the result of IVF isn’t in anyone’s hand, making another attempt to get the kids will certainly give you peace of mind. As with all the other things, there is an “ideal opportunity.” Such a saying holds true for IVF also.

by Dr Sangeeta Ahuja

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