Step-by-step IVF treatment

Before starting IVF treatment, the history of the couple is listened, necessary examinations and tests are carried out. In IVF treatment, it is determined whether the short or long protocol will be applied. The short protocol procedure starts with GnRHa application on the first day of the menstrual period of the expectant mother and continues until the date of the cracking injection. FSH or hMG administration is started from the third day of menstrual bleeding. Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Duzgun Korkmaz states that GnRHa application was started on the 21st day of the menstrual period within the scope of the long protocol. On the 3rd day of the following bleeding, a blood test is performed and necessary controls are made to ensure suppression and increase the estrogen level. If suppression has occurred, FSH or hMG therapy is initiated. The GnRHa application is continued until the cracking injection is made.

IVF Treatment is a Comprehensive Procedure

According to Korkmaz’s statements; In the process of stimulating the eggs, the patient should be kept under constant control so that the dose can be adjusted according to the estrogen level. When the follicles reach sufficient size, hCG injection is done. After this stage, it is passed to the observation stage with ultrasound.

Korkmaz; “Egg retrieval is performed under local anesthesia approximately 32-36 hours after the hCG hormone injection. The process of checking whether there is an egg in the liquid taken is completed in 15-30 minutes. During egg collection, sperm is also taken from the male. Sperm can be retrieved by masturbation or a surgical procedure. Approximately 16-18 hours after the sperm is given to the egg cell, it is checked whether there is fertilization. Usually 3-5 days of fertilization. There is no need for anesthesia during embryo transfer on the day of. The patient is placed in the examination position and the embryo brought in the catheter is placed in the uterus with the help of ultrasonography. The process can be supported by giving hormonal drugs to the expectant mother. Whether pregnancy has occurred or not can be detected by a pregnancy test performed on the 12th day of transfer. ” explains the stages of the process.

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