The key factor that increases the chance of success in IVF!

In 35 percent of couples who want to have a baby, both women and male-related disorders. Male-related sperm disorders are seen in approximately 40 percent of candidates who apply to IVF centers with the dream of having a child. Sperm quality, which is among the determining factors for success in IVF treatment, greatly increases the probability of having a healthy embryo.

Developing treatment methods are a source of hope for families who want to have children. While many factors are taken into consideration in IVF, in vitro fertilization treatment, the quality of sperm in men during fertilization is also of great importance for pregnancy.

Emphasizing that sperm quality should be considered for a healthy IVF treatment, Prof. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist.
Dr. Yücel Karaman said, “For pregnancy, there should be an average of 15 million sperm in 1 milliliter of semen, and approximately 40 million sperm in total. However, with advancing age, the quality of sperm in men also decreases. Sperm count, quality and mobility are important for fertilization. That’s why high sperm quality in IVF treatment is important for a healthy pregnancy,” he said.


Stressing that lifestyle, healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise and stress directly affect sperm quality, Prof. Dr. Yücel Karaman said, “Especially the diet that dominates sperm quality and motility plays a critical role in dreams of having a baby. While the sperm quality of men with a correct and balanced diet increases, both the sperm quality and motility of men who prefer excessive tobacco and alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, processed and ready-to-eat foods decrease greatly. Especially alcohol and tobacco products highly disrupt the DNA structure of sperms. At this point, men have both private and social and business. They should not be exposed to heavy stress in their lives and should manage their current stress sources very well,” he said.


Underlining that for sperm quality, many criteria should be taken into account in addition to proper nutrition, Prof. Dr. Yücel Karaman said, “At this point, it is extremely important for father candidates who want to achieve their dream of a baby to have a regular and balanced diet, as well as to exercise regularly. At the same time, not being exposed to excessive radiation, being at an ideal weight, and eliminating vitamin D, zinc and selenium deficiencies are among the leading lifestyle changes. When individuals do their part, modern techniques also fulfill their duties, and with the IMSI technique, quality, that is, healthy sperm cells can be selected more accurately and used in IVF treatment. For this, fertilization with eggs is provided for in vitro fertilization treatment in the laboratory environment with the microinjection technique, and the probability of pregnancy is drawn to very high rates,” he said.

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