Vaccination or IVF first?

Today, many couples resort to various methods with the dream of having a child. In 35 percent of couples who want to have a baby, both male and female disorders are encountered. Couples who cannot conceive through normal means resort to vaccination or in vitro fertilization to have children.

Many married couples have problems conceiving children for various reasons. Therefore, the age of having children is increasing day by day. Sometimes, women who cannot get pregnant due to genetic factors, living conditions and age also apply to various treatments. In this context, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Yücel Karaman said, “Immunization or in vitro fertilization treatment is determined according to the needs of the patient. In order to apply the vaccination method, attention should be paid to sperm motility in men and egg production in women. In vitro fertilization treatment should be applied if 2 or 3 vaccinations have been made and if pregnancy has not been achieved.”


With advancing age, the ovarian reserve in women decreases. Therefore, in women aged 35 and over, more in vitro fertilization should be preferred. The patient should be told about the in vitro fertilization process by performing hormone tests on the third day of menstruation and looking at the ovarian reserves with ultrasonography, “he said.


Stating that the vaccination method should be applied in cases where there is no natural pregnancy for about 1 year, Karaman said, “If couples have unprotected sexual intercourse and cannot achieve pregnancy, they can apply for vaccination treatment. Sperm motility and number in the semen analysis performed on the man in the vaccination treatment is important for the treatment. The ovulation with the highest fertility. During the period, couples have a healthy child thanks to the vaccination method applied by placing the sperm selected from the spouse by injection into the uterus.


Karaman continued his words as follows:

In vaccination, the sperm is injected into the uterus of the woman. If the sperm fertilizes the egg, an embryo is formed, and pregnancy occurs when the embryo implants in the uterus. Actually, we can say that it is a natural method. However, although the in vitro fertilization procedure seems similar to vaccination, fertilization is carried out in the laboratory environment. The eggs taken from the expectant mother are in the laboratory environment. It is combined with the sperms taken from the father-to-be and left to fertilize. The healthy embryo obtained is placed in the uterus.

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