What are the Points to Consider in IVF Treatment?

Each step in IVF treatment has its own importance. Everything that may negatively affect the sperm and egg production of prospective mothers and fathers or pose a problem in this process is closely related to the success rate of the treatment.


What are the Points to Consider in IVF Treatment?

1. Before the treatment, the doctor should definitely inform the mother about the drugs used by the expectant mother.

2. It should be reported in the previous genital diseases.

3. It is important to avoid stress as much as possible.

4. The expectant mother who decides on IVF treatment should stay away from smoking and alcohol.

5. Weight is also very important for expectant mothers. In order for the treatment to be successful, the expectant mother must have a healthy weight.

6. With the start of IVF treatment, the expectant mother should avoid compelling exercises.

7. The expectant mother should be fed with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed.

8. Father candidates should also inform their doctor about the drugs they use and avoid smoking and alcohol.

9. If there is any disease, the mother and father-to-be should inform the doctor about the necessary information before the treatment.


Considerations After IVF

The things to be considered after the type baby treatment are as follows;

1. After the embryo transfer, it will be sufficient for the woman to rest for 1-2 hours. If it is not necessary, the use of narcosis is not in question.

2. After leaving the hospital, the expectant mother should spend 2-3 days in a calm environment without stress in order to relax.

3. In this process, sneezing and coughing do not cause problems in the attachment of the embryo.

4. Sexual intercourse should be avoided until you take a pregnancy test. You can consult your doctor for other details on the subject.

5. Housework can be done in moderation, but it is important to avoid exercises that require jumping.

6. Attention should be paid to nutrition. Oily and sugary foods should be avoided. It is also recommended not to drink coffee, herbal teas and black tea.

7. After the transfer, drugs should not be used without the knowledge of your doctor.

8. You should never go to hot saunas, Turkish baths and spas.



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