Why can the eggs be empty in IVF treatment?

Success rates in IVF treatment are increasing day by day. In the in vitro fertilization method, where pregnancy rates increase with the developing technology, sometimes undesirable situations are encountered during the treatment process. One of them is the fact that the collected eggs are empty inside, which occurs even though there is no problem during the treatment and is noticed during the egg collection process, which causes the couples to worry.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Emre Pabuçcu said, “Eggs can come out empty due to reasons such as early rise in hormones, misuse of drugs, and failure to make cracking injections on time. However, even if everything goes well, the condition we call ‘Empty Follicle Syndrome’ can be observed in 1-3% of women. Since Empty Follicle Syndrome is a difficult condition to be noticed beforehand, the in vitro fertilization process (IVF) should be followed carefully and accurately. During IVF treatment, careful use of drugs and giving importance to timing are of great importance for treatment. Therefore, the eggs may come out empty depending on the mistakes made in the treatment and timing problems. Sometimes, even if everything is paid attention to, unpredictable hormonal imbalances can also negatively affect egg development. That’s why sometimes all your eggs can come out empty, even under the most favorable conditions. This problem is called Empty Follicle Syndrome. Stating that this syndrome is seen in 1-3% of women, Assoc. Dr. Emre Pabuçcu said, “Although there are follicles developed in the ovaries after the eggs are stimulated with drugs in the IVF stages, sometimes eggs cannot be obtained from them on the day of egg collection. If everything was done correctly and the cracking needle was applied correctly on time, it is necessary to turn to other reasons. As the underlying reasons for this, there may be a problem in the production phase of the ovarian tissue or a genetic infrastructure or a deficiency in hormonal reserves.

If the eggs are empty, there is a treatment. Empty Follicle Syndrome can sometimes be a repetitive process. For this reason, it is important to question the person’s past in vitro fertilization treatments before starting IVF treatment. In this context, underlining that couples should be told that this is a process that can be corrected in some cases, Assoc. Dr. Emre Pabuçcu said, “In these cases, it is very important to make the cracking needle at the right time and in the right dose. Apart from this, very close monitoring, daily monitoring of hormones, hormone monitoring before and after cracking, implementation of special cracking protocols are among the measures we take. Progress in a planned manner for egg collection also increases the success of the treatment,” he said.

Can those with empty eggs get pregnant?

Underlining that there is no possibility of pregnancy in that cycle in women with empty eggs, Assoc. Dr. Pabuçcu said, “In the patient with Empty Follicle Syndrome, there is a very high probability that the eggs will come out full in the following treatments. It is possible to get pregnant if mature eggs are obtained, especially after close follow-up and careful treatments.


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